About Us

Incolab Services’ Profile

A remarkable group of independent companies, specialized in the quality control of coal, cokes, biomass and recovery fuel, petroleum cokes, iron and manganese ore, ferroalloy’s, grain and maize etc.


Started in 1988 in the Dutch town Oud-Beijerland, near the port of Rotterdam.

A company that’s experienced tremendous growth with laboratories all over the globe. An internationally-orientated company whose experienced specialists meet your every expectation of speed, expertise and flexibility. Incolab Services takes samples, performs tests, analyses and produces reports.

All in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards.


North America, South America, Africa and Europe. No matter when and where in the world. Incolab Services is your reliable partner when it comes to quantity and quality control.

Solid Fuels are the most difficult materials to sample. The more accurately this is done, the more precisely we can determine the true quality.

Sampling is performed according to International Standards and special rules (e.g. Gafta and Fosfa contracts)


Our laboraties all over the world are equipped with the most modern and advanced instruments for testing and analysis.

With our team of highly qualified staff we provide a wide range of services.

Incolab Services is capable of performing all analysis and tests commonly required by the industry on the specified commodities.


Incolab Services Reports and Certificates are worldwide accepted.

Our Distinctive Features

  • No client or service is too small or too big. All our clients receive the highest levels of customer service, technical expertise and professionalism available in the industry.
  • Our modern laboratories are fully equipped with precise instruments consistent with current technology.
  • Training and auditing services of our staff are held periodically.